Travel Resources

Here are some useful links to help you be an informed traveller.

  • Visit for essential information on your rights as an air traveler in Canada. This helpful resource provides valuable insights into Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations and airline policies to ensure a smooth and informed travel experience. Click the link to explore and learn more about your air passenger rights.

    Couple travelling safely

    Travel Safe by Being informed

  • This site A platform offering sustainable travel experiences and promoting responsible tourism practices.
  • Green Globe ( – Provides certification for sustainable tourism businesses and shares information on eco-friendly destinations and accommodations.
  • Sustainable Travel International ( – A non-profit organization helping travelers make more informed and sustainable travel choices.
  • Green Pearls ( – A collection of sustainable and unique hotels in beautiful locations around the world, offering eco-friendly experiences for travelers.

    Traveller’s Advisory Websites.

These resources will provide you with information on potential safety concerns, health risks, and other important considerations for your destination, helping you make informed decisions when planning your trip.