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  • Fact – International travel is getting more popular due to decrease in the price of air fares, consequently, traffic to foreign destinations will increase, which means, environmental pressures to those destination will also increase.
  • Fact – Cheaper air fares will cut the profit margins of airlines, which will have to charge for things like check in baggages and offer smaller seating spaces in flights. Because of this,  travellers will be more stressed on long haul flights.
  • Fact: According to Forbes Travel Guide, 2019, we will see more exotic travels, thanks to cheaper air fares and relatively settled political climates.   Turkey, Egypt and Morocco are showing up as the top three destinations.   As well, India, Brazil and Indonesia are also places of choice for cultural travellers.
  • Fact: According to the CN Traveller.com Family trips are no longer limited to Disney World in Florida or California or at an all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean.  Families are becoming more adventurous by travelling to more exotic places like Iceland, a Tanzanian safari trip or a cruise to the Galapagos.

Our Mission 

  • We will help you find travel gadgets and supplies that will help you reduce your environmental impact on destinations.  From re-usable collapsible water bottles to biodegradable all in one travel soaps, we will help you travel more with less.
  •  We will help you travel safer and smarter by providing travel hacks and tips on our Instagram feeds and our Facebook page or through our FB community page, Travel Gadgets.
  • We believe in encouraging travel to promote understanding between our cultures.  At the same time, we believe in doing so responsibly.  While minimizing our carbon footprints when visiting other countries is important, it is also important to preserve the local cultures, in several ways:a.) Educating our followers about different cultures, and how to be respectful when visiting them through articles and videos.
    b.) Sharing different experiences from previous visitors like travel bloggers and casual travellers.
  • Our mantra is “Take only photographs, leave only foot prints.”

Our Promise

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  • All our suppliers have been vetted to ensure that the items you order are as described and delivered in a timely manner.
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