Airfish 8: This Unique Marine Craft Will Change The Way People Travel

Written by Tarandip Kaur

Fitted with the engine of a race car — specifically a 7-litre V8 engine — and resembling the look of a sleek seaplane, the Airfish 8 is in fact classified as a merchant ship.

Based in Singapore, the company behind it, Wigetworks, hopes to change the way people travel and offer a whole host of other uses with this innovative craft. For Sim Wong Hoo, a shareholder of Wigetworks and Founder of Creative Technology, the goal is to “transform, or revolutionize the high-speed maritime transport industry.”

Hovering about 2-6 metres above water and with the capability to reach top speed of 180 km/hr — 2 to 3 times faster than ferries — the Airfish 8 doesn’t require a jetty or runway to dock since it lands on water. This means that island-exploration becomes all the more easier as the craft can reach areas where ferries and boats would be unable to.

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