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Bushkin HBQ-Q13S TWS Ear Buds

Small Buds with Big Sound

Today, I would like to talk about a new model of true wireless ear buds that I just received at my store under my label, Bushkin Travel Tech.  For a little over a year, I have been looking for true wireless stereo ear buds (TWS).  What I found in the past was some models were good, but the set up was a little bit difficult.  It had to be done in two steps.  You first had to first pair the  ear buds with each other.   The second step is then to pair the the ear buds with the smart phone, tablets or any device with bluetooth capability. If someone has never used a pair of wireless ear buds before, it can become a frustrating and discouraging process. When you do finally set up the ear buds with your smart device, the signal between the left and the right buds would drop off from each other from time to time, or the pair would drop off from the smart device.   As for the sound, the best TWS ear buds  I tried before, lacked the bass even though they had clean sounds.  They were better than most, but the bass wasn’t quite up there.

I think I finally found it.  I am happy to share with you the new Bushkin Q13S TWS ear buds. This new model has a better design over all and the sound is so much better. It is more compact, sleeker looking, has a longer playing time,  better call quality and  more comfortable.   Best of all, the set up is incredibly simple.


Bluetooth Version 5.0
Chipset type Realtek
Music Time 5 hours at 80%
Standby Time 660 hours
Battery Capacity Earbuds 50 mah x 2, Charging Box 380 mah
Connection Range 10 meters
Re-charge Time 300 times
Connection USB Micro port for charging
Auto pairing Yes, after initial set up,  it will turn on automatically and pair with your smart device
Charging Time 1 hour when charging the earbuds in the charging case, and up to 1.5 hours if charging the earphone case
Features 1.  Auto pairing
2. Voice Prompt
3. Last number re-dial
4. Last song/next song
5. Compact size and very comfortable
6. Auto pair after power on
7. Extra-long standby time
8. Clean stereo and deep bass sound

Set Up  

The Bushkin Q13S  ear buds have a great base and is very easy to set up.    After initially charging the ear buds, all you have to do is take the ear buds out of the case, and the buds will automatically turn on and pair with each other.  On your phone, go to your bluetooth set up and scan for the new device until you see HBQ-Q13S TWS V5.0, and select it.  You are now ready to  listen to your favorite play list or album.  After the initial setup, you don’t even have to worry about turning the set on and off. Just take the ear buds out of the case and they will automatically turn on.  To turn off, simply put the ear buds back  in the carrying case and they will automatically turn off and will start re-charging in the carrying case.

Look and Build

As for the look and build, the size of the charging/carrying case is 8 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm.  It is small enough to put in your pocket or lose in your purse or bag pack. The clam shell type case has a smo

ky semi transparent top with the Bushkin label. At the back of the carrying/charging case, you will find the USB charging slot.  In regards to the interior of the storage case where the two ear buds sits and charges.  There are two slots with magnets to easily snaps the buds into place.    When I first used the ear buds, my first question was “Which one is the right and which one is the left?”.  The Bushkin-Q13S ear buds are designed so their shape and compact size will allow users to use them in either ear. When the ear buds, turn on, it will tell you which ear piece is right and which one is left.. This is great especially when you are using them in the dark.  The button on the side of the ear buds is not really visible, you will just hear a click when you press the sides to accept calls or skip a track.  There are no removable parts like the rubber cover that surrounds the ear piece on  previous models. That is one less thing that can become loose and displaced over time. My favourite part of the looks are the lights in shape of a U on the side of the ear buds. It looks pretty sleek.  They LED lights displays orange when you put them back in the case.  It means that it is charging.  Once the buds are fully charged, they will show blue. The lights won’t be on all the time though, only for about the first minute or so.


The sound of the HBQ-Q13S TWS is the most important one and my favourite feature of this model. Overall, the sound is very clean and crisp. I can really hear the sound separation between the two channels.  The treble is very distinct and clean.  As for the base, I think I have finally found the right base level that I have been looking for, in the HBQ-Q13S TWS  I listened to different genres of music when testing this model  and the ones that have a lot of base, sounds absolutely incredible and the ones that don’t have much base sounds just as good with the nice crisp treble and midrange sounds.  As for the loudness, of this model, I can only turn it up to 75% level  without going deaf. Anything higher than that, is too loud for me.  So I will say that t is loud enough to drown out the humm inside a plane or a crying baby during a long flight.   I would give it a 9/10 for sound.

Call Quality

I am a little hesitant to even comment about the quality of wireless ear buds. The voice call  quality was not quite there on the previous models that I’ve tried.  I didn’t really care about that feature because I mainly use my ear buds for  music.   However, I did try the HBQ-Q13S TWS and called my brother. He said that that it sounded a little muffled on his speaker phone, but when he took me off speaker, he said that volume and clarity was  much better.  As well, this model have the voice broadcast on both left and right channels.  The previous models I tested before, only had the voice call heard on one channel.


The play time of the HBQ-Q13S TWS is about is 5 hours at 80%.  When the ear buds need charging, it would take about an hour.  The case itself can charge the ear buds 3 times.  So basically the ear buds and the charging case have a capability of 15 hours of playtime.  Having 5 hours of  playtime, is great because on a typical 8 hour work day, if you listen to music while you work, you can simply put the ear buds in it’s charging case while you take a lunch break and when you get back, you are good to go for another 4 to 5 hours.  In regards to the version 5.0 bluetooth range, I tested that by leaving my smart device, on my desk at home, and walking down the basement. The music never dropped off.  I walked outside the house and it only dropped off when I was walking on the far side of the house but quickly reconnected when I walked in front and the back of the house.

In regards to how well the ear buds stays in your ear while working, studying or working out.  Amazingly, it stayed in my ear for hours.while working.  As for  wearing this set while working out, it stayed in while I was on the treadmill and comfortable enough that I didn’t need to take it out during my workout.   I also like wearing this ear buds in bed to listen to music and read before I go to sleep. It is small enough that you don’t really feel it when you turn your head against the pillow.   The danger is, it is so easy to forget that you have it on and fall asleep while wearing it.  As you toss and turn during the night, the ear buds may fall out and It is very easy to lose because of it’s black colour and size.


I did experience  a drop off while near my smart device  but I don[‘t know if it was my device or the ear buds.  I turned off my bluetooth on and off and the earbuds simply reconnected and the connection was better and didn’t drop off again.  As I mentioned above, because of the size and the colour of these ear buds, it is very easy to lose, so it is really important that you get into the habit of putting it in the carrying case as soon as you finish listening.  This is especially important to remember when you have kids or pets, as the ear buds can easily become a choking hazard.    Bushkin HBQ-Q13S TWS would be a perfect pair of ear buds if it can be rated as IPX7 or IPX8 for water resistance. That way, you one can wear it while doing lengths in the pool or while sitting in the hot tub.


In the risk of sounding biased, I do like the Bushkin HBQ-Q13S TWS.  With decent playing time, user friendly setup, solid build, super clean and crisp sound, with amazing bass, this set of  ear buds makes for a great travel, office, workout companion. But I will let you be the judge of that.

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